Carpet Cleaning

How Does Nulex Clean Your Carpet

Introduction to our cleaning process

How does Nulex protect your carpet?

Using cold/warm water instead of hot/steam cleaning carpet is a very effective way to protect the carpet. We spending more time in customers` house in order to provide the best service to them.

This is how new carpet fiber (Nylon) looks like under 30X Microscope

However, after 3~4 times cleaned by hot/steam technician, the fiber will get damaged and become tough. You will feel harder to pick up dust or hair from it by using vacuum cleaner, and the carpet will also look like shorter than before.

This is is how damaged carpet fiber (Nylon) looks like under 30X Microscope

We use cold/warm water with acid water (PH 5.5~6)with carpet softening agent to make your fiber health and good for using more than 15 years.

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