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Nulex the use of High-tech equipment, professional knowledge, served thousands of household with satisfactions. Every cleaning technician has undergone a rigorous selection, professional training, and pass the examination before they can work independently. We have High-tech equipment, advanced chemicals, uniform dress and high standards of service requirements to obtain the user's confidence and satisfaction. Your house deserves a high standard of cleaning services.


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Residential Cleaning

  We use environmentally friendly chemical and High-Tech cleaning equipment, and unique "N cleaning technology" deep cleaning each single corner of your home ,  no residue of chemical

Let us make your home shinning again. The service includes vacuuming and Preliminary carpet mite Removal.

Move in & out cleaning

Move out:    Under the guidance of real estate agents, we have our own list of retirement cleaning, to help you smoothly through all the landlord and intermediary company inspection.

Move in:      We use efficient and safe chemical to sterilize and clean the stains and odors left by the previous occupants. Let you rest assured enjoy the new home.

Carpet cleaning

WE are proudly proved by IICRC

We configure the cleaning agent according to the guest carpet condition, according to the type/severity of the stain, choose the ph/concentration of the potion, and clean the black edge and the corner of the carpet carefully.


Quick Dry Carpet clean, fast drying refuses high temperature cleaning, prevent the carpet degumming and protruding caused by overheating, avoid the damage and odor caused by prolonged immersion


We use the national certification of the powerful dust mites vacuum cleaners, physical absorption of mites and other allergens, and damage mites growth environment to inhibit mites re-growth.

Mattress Mite Removal 

Did you realize you are sleeping with 65 MILLION mites every night?


Measles, asthma and other respiratory diseases are caused by mites.


Professional in addition to the mite for your physical absorption of at least 95% of the mattress in the mites, this service is fully refund if invalid.


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